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Weddings are what we do! Everybody loves a good Wedding and we are no exception! Pete performs at over one hundred weddings per year, and it is this experience that separates what he is able to offer from the rest. We have a roster of over a dozen high quality venues that recommend us as their DJ of choice. This is not for any other reason than the trust that we have built with them in ensuring that their guest will have a good time, in what they regard as our “safe hands”. Please have a look at our reviews page, which as well as showing regular top quality feedback from satisfied couples, also includes what the Venues and our fellow Wedding Professionals have been kind enough to say about us.

We are aware that every happy couple will have their own ideas on what will happen at the different stages of their Wedding Day, so within our planning system we give have the framework in place for you to construct your own personal time-line. We want to hear how you see your perfect day, and we would like to give you our suggestions and ideas on how we can fit into this, and highlight the services that we can offer to help achieve this.

The Ceremony

Should you opt, as so many couple do these days, for a Civil Ceremony, then we can certainly provide the peace of mind that putting the occasion in the hands of a seasoned professional will bring. This will ensure that your ceremony is exactly how you wish it to be. Whilst your guests are awaiting the arrival of the blushing Bride, who may of course be fashionably late, we can provide a professional music set up, with a smartly dressed operator, to play your own carefully selected choice of music. This can set and enhance the mood and tone of your day. We will liaise with the Registrar and agree the cue point as to when the Processional music is to be started, and then gradually fade it away as the Registrar is ready to begin the introduction. During the signing of the Register, music of your choice can again be played, and extended to cover the needs of the photographer and the inevitable guest photos! This again can then be subtly faded as the Registrar begins the presentation of the marriage certificate, and then of course the Recessional song played out loud as the Newlyweds leave the venue followed by their guests.

The Venue

Being long established in the area, we are regularly welcomed by friendly management and staff in many of the better local venues in the area, who are familiar with the way we work, but also we know how the venues themselves approach the day. If not, we will arrange a site-visit beforehand, to liaise with the management and make sure that we have the right equipment for the day. We appreciate that Brides and Grooms spend a lot of time (and money!) to get a venue looking exactly as they want it, so we have designed our set-up to ensure that it compliments the room, that cables are hidden, and that the equipment is clean and presentable. In Venues or Marquees where the Day and Evening events are in the same room, we prefer where space permits, to set up the equipment well before your guest arrive, to get things in the right place and sound-check behind the scenes, allowing your guests to relax once they arrive. We are also able to provide an up-lighting service, to match your colour choices, a screen, to project any photographs or videos, or even a spectacular dance floor that can really transform the room.

The Wedding Breakfast

Music more than anything can create a fantastic atmosphere. We can help you put together a playlist of your favourite songs which can create the soundtrack to your Wedding breakfast, to keep things going when the conversation drops, and to put your guests in a relaxed frame of mind. We can install a small, discreet system which can then also be used in conjunction with a roving microphone to give sufficient amplification to the Wedding speeches to ensure that even the softest of voices can be heard. Pete will also take on the role of Master of Ceremonies for your day, ensuring that everyone knows where they should be at the correct time, introducing the Top Table to the room, announcing the speech makers, and overseeing the cutting of the cake are just some of the duties that Pete will carry out during the afternoon. Many of the venues are delighted that he is able to relieve them of this role, and its often commented on, how Pete helps add structure to the day, and keeps things moving along at an enjoyable pace.

The Evening Party

We use only high-quality professional disco equipment to provide a clear and enjoyable sound. We do not believe it is necessary to fill the room with sound, only for it to be loud enough on the dance floor. This allows your guests to be able to talk without the need to raise their voices. With regard to the Lighting , we tailor the lighting to fit the room, we don’t work on a once size fits all policy, we are aware that lighting can create a perfect atmosphere for your party, but also that with too much light, some may be a little inhibited! We use only modern, effects lighting, which can be controlled and colour coded to fit in with your overall colour scheme. We suggest that after a packed afternoon where you have done all of the legal necessities and formal bits and bobs expected of you, it may be nice to have a bit of chill-out time. To this end we can play some background, soul or swing, which will give you the chance to mingle, get a drink, catch up on the gossip etc. This is also useful where you have evening guests arriving, giving them the opportunity to feel part of the day, rather than arriving to a party that’s started without them!

We will arrange the first dance, and any other combinations that you may wish to add. If you aren’t totally happy in the spotlight, we will make sure that you’re not alone for too long. We can provide various lighting options to suit your requirements during the first dance, including a colour wash, hearts, stars, or indeed your initials projected onto the dance floor! Once the party is in full-swing, we can, if you wish introduce a few inflatables (Guitars, saxophones etc) to the room, this adds an extra fun element, and can also greatly enhance the face-book photos! We will also organise the end of night circle which gives the guests a final opportunity to wish the happy couple well, and we recommend you give some thought to the final song (or two!)

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